Instagram Marketing: Road to 100k Instagram Followers

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Build Your Instagram Following With Us
Are you an entrepreneur who would you like to go from Instagram novice to Instagram expert? If so, then my eBook is for you. It offers a breakdown of how to get where you want to go on Instagram fast.

About me

In only three years, I have built up an Instagram following of over ten million people for myself and my clients. Promoting and developing is what I do full time.  I am software engineer and data scientist. I am passionate about the HR sector and innovation in the HR sector. During the last years I have created different entities and developed the Search Engine and ATS with multi poster, resume parsers, dashboards, messengers and mailing systems. I also devote some of my time to share my thoughts in my blogs and books about business management, digital marketing and software development. 

My clients include the heads of companies as well as influencers with their own pages. My company’s monthly revenue is very impressive, and it has attracted thousands of target followers through advertising, collaboration, groups, and other methods. 

In short, business is booming for me and my clients, and social media is helping our income snowball. I can show you how to monetize whatever you are putting on Instagram.

My eBook

Here’s what I cover in this eBook:

  • How to determine which of your brands is best for Instagram
  • How to create a one-year action plan
  • How to increase loyalty to 100,000 followers through shout-outs, collaboration, groups and ads
  • How to understand the ENTIRE Instagram algorithm
  • How to use the correct working method for collaboration groups

There is a lot of information in this book, and it’s all understandable to the average person. If you’re willing to put in some work, we can get you on the right road.

Our services

If you’d rather have us do the heavy lifting, we offer a price for our services based on the promotion method you want to use, your niche, your target audience and other variables. We’ll set goals to make sure that you’re reaching the people you need to reach and work from there.

Check us out!